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What is CIGRÉ
CIGRÉ (International Council on Large Electric Systems) is a permanent international, non-government, non-profit-making Association, founded in France, in 1921.

Its aim is to develop and distribute technical knowledge in the field of the generation and transmission of high voltage electricity.

With members in over 80 countries, CIGRÉ is the worldwide forum that unites all the key partners, research workers, academics, producers, manufacturers, system operators, traders, and regulatory bodies, bringing together technical innovation, requirements and operator’s experience.

CIGRÉ deals with all the main themes of the field of electricity, i.e. organization of utilities, development and adaptation of grids, optimization of maintenance and life expectancy of electrical equipment, as well as the analysis of the impact on the environment, etc.

CIGRÉ’s Activities

Technical studies are a permanent activity, for the Study Committee and the Working Groups. The work is the subject of reports that are generally published in the form of synthesising documents, i.e. the “technical brochures”.


The Biennial Conference, so-called Plenary Session, is organized every even year in Paris. The reports on predefined themes are debated during the Group Meetings by each of the Study Committees.
The general Proceedings are published and made available to the 2,500 or so participants.

The Symposia are held on odd years, in a similar manner, but with a more restricted bearing. They focus on a subject of topical interest and are organized upon the National Committees' invitations.
The Regional Meetings dealing with questions that are more specific to a geographical area are held regularly upon the initiative of one or more National Committees.
Local events are also organized by the National Committees.

CIGRÉ’s Members

There are three categories of members.

Individual members make up most of CIGRÉ’s members, approximately 4,000 of the 4,700 present members.

Legal entities, administrations, scientific and technical organizations, private or public companies can be “collective” members (type I) of CIGRÉ.

For educational bodies, such as universities, a “collective” member (type II) status exists, for whom a reduced membership fee is applied.

A World-Wide Audience

CIGRÉ members are spread out throughout the world, in over eighty countries. Among these countries, fifty are well represented which enables a National Committee to be set up, i.e. a local CIGRÉ agency, that is essential for its development and operation.

How to Join CIGRÉ

Send your Membership Application Form to the National Committee of your country or, if there is no National Committee, to the CIGRÉ Central Office.

For any further information, or for a membership application form, please contact the Central Office, or

Services for Members

In addition to being able to partake in CIGRÉ’s activities, members benefit from special services:

The ELECTRA journal.
The CIGRÉ membership Directory, available on CD-ROM, a tool of invaluable assistance in setting up business contacts.
Special registration rates for CIGRÉ events, the Plenary Session and Symposia.
Special price for CIGRÉ technical documents.
Access to the services of the Central Office, for research and information.

How the Association Operates

The General Assembly of CIGRÉ members takes place every two years. It is chaired by the President of CIGRÉ. Decisions are made regarding governance and the general running of the Association, such as the Statutes and membership.

The Administrative Council is elected by the General Assembly. It counts approximately 50 members representing the National Committees, and runs CIGRÉ along the lines approved by the General Assembly. Its work is prepared by the Executive Committee.

The Technical Committee directs and organises the technical activities of CIGRÉ.

The Central Office in Paris, headed by the Secretary General, is in charge of the operational management of the Association and liaises with the National Committees and the organizational structure of CIGRÉ.

The Study Committees

CIGRÉ's technical activities are split into 16 fields, each under the responsibility of a Study Committee.

Rotating Electrical Machines
High Voltage Equipment
Insulated Cables
Overhead Lines
HVDC and Power Electronics
Protections and Automations
System Development and Economics
System Control and Operations
System Environmental Performance
System Technical Performance
Electricity Markets and Regulation
Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation
Materials and Emerging Technologies
Information Systems and Telecommunications

The Study Committee co-ordinates the studies of its field, whereas all the Study Committees are coordinated by the Technical Committee.

Approximately 200 Working Groups are constantly operating, grouping together over 2,000 experts.


CIGRÉ’s technical information, available on paper, CD-ROM or in electronic format is accessible as the case may be, to CIGRÉ members, or to anyone, free of charge, or against payment.

ELECTRA is a bimonthly journal, reserved for CIGRÉ members. It provides information on the progress of the technical activities as well as their chief results, the life of the Association, and events organized by CIGRÉ or the National Committees. Advertising space is available for members.

The reports that are presented and discussed in the Sessions and Symposia are edited, as well as the Proceedings.

The “technical brochures” are publications, based on the work of the Study Committees and provide a synthesizing paper on a scientific subject. Over 200 technical brochures have been published to date.

The CIGRÉ membership directory.

Moreover, other documents are published, in a less systematic manner. is CIGRÉ's web site. It provides information on the Association, its activities and the events organised. allows you to consult the directory of the documentation available at CIGRÉ, as well as to order or download a particular document.
The Study Committees also have their own sites, as do most of the National Committees.
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